How to Increase Button Click Through Rate Using a GIF

A strong call to action is a great way to encourage people to click through to your offer, but the best call to actions sometimes can be presented in different ways. You can use a basic text, an image, or even a GIF. In this article we’re going to cover how you can increase button click through rate on your sales or offer page to increase conversions using a GIF.How to Increase Button Click Through Rate

How to Increase Button Click Through Rate

First off, check out my page on how to make your own GIF if you’re not sure on how to do this, and if you’re not familiar with a GIF it’s basically an animated image; one that transitions between multiple images in the same to make your own gif

The benefit of using a GIF on a sales or similar page where you want to elicit click throughs is that it’s animated so it will draw the attention of your reader. Consequently, GIFs will work much better on a plain page with little else to distract your reader.

A cool thing in using a GIF to elicit click through is that it can be comprised of a number of different calls to action which circulate one to the next. The great thing about an animated gif as your click through button is that it draws everyone’s attention to the button. This is especially true when you don’t have any other animation on your page or at that section of the fold so that it stands out from everything else. From there it’s just about coming up with the right call to actions to cycle in.

Next, split test and split test again (nope I never get tired of saying it). Split testing your call to action phrase is one of the most important things you can do to find what works best for you to achieve the greatest clickthrough rate overall. Yes you can split test GIFs so specifically when testing a GIF you might take your best performing call to actions and create GIFs out of them and try different combinations in each GIF to find the one which performs the best.

There are additional things that you can test with a GIF besides simply the text itself. You can also test how quickly the GIF transitions from one call to action to the next and even vary the font, color and size of each cell which makes up the GIF. Alternating a flashy cell with a plain one will further increase the odds that someone will take notice of the GIF and click through.

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