Ego as a Motivational Tool

Last week I talked about how to use fear as a motivational tool through your copy and marketing strategy to motivate your readers to take action. Check out that post to see examples of how that works but I mentioned that another powerful tool in copywriting is not appealing to your audience’s fear but to appeal to their egos. Now let’s talk about how to use ego as a motivational tool.Ego as a Motivational Tool

Ego as a Motivational Tool

Ego appealing copy is much more subtle than going for fear based or even hype based copy and so it can be very effective depending on your audience. Let’s talk about how to appeal to the ego in your copy.ego

First you need to demonstrate empathy for your audience. You can go one step further and relate to them in the sense that you’ve been in the same spot as them, sympathizing with them and establishing some pathos, or you can simply put yourself in their shoes and tell them right off the bat how annoying or unfortunate you know their problem is.

Next you want to establish some ethos with your audience. Convince them that you’re qualified to talk about what you’re talking about and subsequently that you’re qualified to help them with their problem.

Lastly, and it seems obvious to say, you need your audience to believe that you have the answer or solution to their specific problem. You’ve established empathy and that you know what you’re talking about and deserve their attention, now it’s time to prove that you deserve their business. Everyone already wants yours or any solution to work for them, they just happen to be on your page at the moment, so it’s up to you to appeal to their ego enough to inspire hope enough to convince them that they’re going to realize that solution finally thanks to you.

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