But Wait, There’s More! – The Importance of Having a Bonus Product

You want to do everything that you possibly can to complete a sale of your product. Part of this is to overwhelm your undecided customer with value; so let’s talk about the “but wait there’s more” philosophy and the importance of having a bonus product.how to promote your music

Watch any infomercial on television and they’ll always offer a bonus with the initial product. They’ll spend the majority of the commercial setting up how amazing the product is through demonstrations and testimonials so that you the viewer are RIGHT on the fence; then they hit you with the bonus, an attractive related product which you’ll get at no extra cost.

The bonus is typically the tipping point of the infomercial where someone picks up the phone and orders. The person thinks to themselves, “not only do I get the car spray jet cleaning device but I also get a year’s worth of car wax ON TOP of that?”.

It’s paramount that you have something to increase the perceived value of your product, as well, just like offering an incentive to get someone to sign up for your already awesome mailing list.

When I was originally writing my eBook “How to Write a Song – The No ‘BS’ Songwriter’s Bible”, I had included a chapter on marketing the music that you’ve written and recorded. When the book was completed, I basically just took that marketing chapter and turned it into its own complementary eBook to “give away” for free with the original eBook called “How to Promote Your Music” in order to show my customers two different eBooks they’d be getting with just one purchase. The second eBook is branded just as nicely as the first one so it really does look like you’re getting two fantastic eBooks for the price of one.

This increases the perceived value of the original product because it adds to the overall value, thus motivating sales.

A lot of marketers who sell eBooks offer bonuses like this, typically in the form of second, third, or even fourth and beyond eBooks on topics which relate to the original topic. You can make your bonus exclusive video content or access to a member’s only site, as well. Get creative and do whatever it takes to come up with a solid bonus product to tip your on the fence customers over to your side.

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