3 Ways to Make Money With Twitter

It’s no question that Twitter is great for networking and as a marketing tool. Ways to Make Money With TwitterIf you’re still not sure how to use Twitter, check out my complete Twitter tutorial which contains everything from how to get started to getting more followers to creating a free custom background. BUT can you make money with Twitter? Let’s look at 3 legitimate ways to make money Twitter to appease our money hungry Twitter bird.

Ways to Make Money With Twitter

Promotional Tweets – A company sees that you have a massive Twitter following. You are a Twitter force to be reckoned with. If your niche overlaps with their niche, they may approach you to do a promotional tweet. In this case, they pay you a lump sum to simply send out a tweet (likely of their writing) to your followers. You get compensated with your payment, they get word about their company out to a brand new audience through the reliable source of you, the tweeter.

Free Reign – There are also services which allow an advertiser to use your profile whenever they like, so they have access to your account and tweet as they like. You of course get compensated with each tweet through this method, as well.

In case you’re not catching on by now, it definitely pays to have a huge Twitter following, so check out my 12 ways of how to get more followers on Twitter.

Affiliate Marketing – The most obvious way to make money with Twitter is to tweet with your affiliate link to a product which you are promoting. Whether you want to tweet with a link to a review of that product or just tweet with an affiliate link/redirect link to your affiliate link, again with a huge following you can monetize your tweets.

Establish yourself as an authority in your niche and stick to mostly conversational/selfless/informational and helpful tweets with the OCCASIONAL affiliate link filled tweet. No one will listen to you OR follow you if you’ve developed a relationship as a spamming tweeter.

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